Bootstrap 3: Dropdown form fields without <form> tag

bootstrap 3: dropdown form

There are times when we need some forms in dropdown menu, e.g. login/register/settings. The implementation is very easy in Bootstrap 3, however with form fields inclosed in <form> tag. But if for some reason we cannot use <form> wrapper (take instance of moonshine technologies .NET Web Form or JSF where entire page is wrapped in single <form>) then there is a peculiar behavior that dropdown get closed when you click on input fields.

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Bootstrap 3 Modal – Easy way

For past one year I am mostly using Bootstrap 3 (UI framework) for RWD and rapid prototypes, and I discovered that non-UI-background developers usually face problems during the implementation of Modal popups. To make my work easier, I have written a wrapper function in JavaScript for Bootstrap Modal. It does not need any HTML semantics to be present in DOM. The necessary HTML is added to document body when it is called first time, and later the cached instance is used. I tried to make it as simple as I think of and utilized the most used Bootstrap options for Modal.

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