Static syntax highlighter for WordPress

I was using highlight.js by Ivan Sagalaev for syntax highlighting in this blog. It is light weight JavaScript plugin with no external dependencies. It was doing good job, however I was more interested in static syntax highlighting using only CSS and no JavaScript involved. The reason was to reduce the page rendering as well as load time specially for mobile devices.

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Delhi Assembly Results 2015 – JSON

To see authentic Delhi Assembly Election 2015 results, I visited Election Commission of India website. Being a web developer I was very disappointed to see how website is created. I think the NIC developers have taken an oath for not following any of web standards. It is full of inline CSS and JavaScript and endless nested tables for layout. In the current mobile-era, nobody bothered to make if mobile friendly.

For every constituency the page was getting refreshed. The only thing that impressed me, was page load time. The result pages are only HTML files, no external resource dependency. Then I thought that they could have used JSON and then showed result by filtering data. This gave me an idea to create a JSON result of all records and then play with it.

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