About Ovais

Hi! I’m Mohd Ovais and this is my personal blog.

I have experience of more than 17 years in various web technologies as of January 2020, currently working with UBS Business Solution Center in Poland.

Its been a long time since I was thinking to start sharing my thoughts and work with others online. The very basic purpose of this blog is to keep all my research or learning process in one place, so that I can reuse/refer back later.

I have capability in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ActionScript. I also worked in PHP (core and WordPress) and led the teams of C#.NET and hence acquired some workable understanding while working in past organizations. I can also handy in Adobe Flash and Adobe Photoshop; however creative designing and Flash animation are not my core skills.

Before joining UBS, I was Technicak Specialist in HCL Technologies, I was Project Manager (Web & eLearning) in Mobiquest Mobile Technologies. I was working hands-on with technical teams on various projects as well.

On personal side, I was born and raised in Lucknow, famous for etiquette and culture, and currently residing in Wrocław. I have done M.Sc. (Mathematical Statistics) from Lucknow University.

When I do nothing, I research on core JavaScript and various future-ready frameworks.